Erica and Daphne, December 2020

Erica started cross-stitching when she was ten years old. Cross-stitching was her only crafty pursuit until she came across stamping and card making at a women’s social at church when she was in her early twenties. She quickly transitioned from making cards to putting together scrapbooks of her children’s milestones and memorable family events. Fifteen years after discovering cross-stitching, she found the joy of holding two metal needles and creating something with soft, beautiful yarn. Ten years have passed since she cast on her first knitting project, and not many days go by that she doesn’t pick up her needles to spend a few relaxing moments knitting. She enjoys designing patterns for herself and her family. She is currently working on her first knitting pattern to publish for other knitters. Erica is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have four children. Their three sons are 25, 18, and 12, and their daughter is four years old. She homeschools two of her children, as the older two are homeschool graduates.

Erica is wearing the Simple Hug Cardi ( designed by Cozy Up Knits, knitted by Erica).

When Daphne was sixteen years old, she purchased a ball of yellow yarn and a set of metal knitting needles from a craft store. With them, she taught herself how to cast on and work the knit stitch. For two years, Daphne would sporadically pick up the yellow yarn and spend a little time knitting. She tried to knit a hat but didn’t understand circular knitting. When she was eighteen, Erica gave her a 9-inch circular needle, a ball of sock yarn, and the knowledge she needed to knit her first pair of socks. Before too long, Daphne was knitting hats, blankets, and sweaters. She is generous with her knitting, giving away many pairs of socks and blankets of all sizes to family and friends. She has even knit sweaters for friends! Daphne’s passion for the fiber arts has led her to try spinning and a desire to dye yarn. She also crochets and has dabbled with embroidery. Currently, she is teaching herself how to sew. Daphne is married to Erica’s oldest son. They have two children and another one on the way.

Daphne is wearing the Tecumseh, ( designed by Caitlin Hunter, knitted by Daphne)

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